Early this morning, something was put on my heart that made me wonder if one – or maybe 100 of you – needed to hear today. I hope this note shines a light on something big for you…

Occasionally, a dream awakens in your heart – or it becomes very clear all of a sudden. We hold it in our hands, we look at it for quite some time, and our spirit feels brighter just thinking about its possibilities. If only we could stay in that space, but the trouble begins when we lift our eyes from it, and we start comparing that dream to everybody else (or as Jon’s quote above calls it, the middle of their journey).

A few things start happening – we diminish our dream (it’s not as good as theirs), we feel behind (they started earlier in life), and we make it go dormant because we don’t know where to begin. Before you know it, a dream that once lit a fire in your soul only has embers left burning.

If there’s a dormant dream inside of you, I encourage you to revisit it and stir its embers to start that fire again. What’s that been for you? What can’t you stop thinking about – no matter how long it’s been since it came to you? The truth is, that dream was given to you for a reason and the reason is oftentimes bigger than our ability to understand. Guard it with your heart. It may take time to nurture and grow it, but continuously believing in it will keep you from comparing it to everybody else’s story.

A Dream in the Making – Introducing the 52 Well-Being Snackables Deck

My note above comes from a tender place in my own soul. One of my dreams recently came true, but it took years of pursuing and believing in it. If there’s one thing I learned from the journey, it’s that building endurance to follow a dream is so worth it.I have officially launched my 52 Well-Being Snackables Deck. Long ago, I recognized a need in our communities. That need was teaching what “our well-being” really meant and how good our bodies were designed to feel. While this deck was my dream, it’s my hope these 52 tips will fulfill so many other people’s dreams of becoming their best selves.
  • Karen Zecy

    Love the snackables Each card is so inspiring!!!!

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