Sonia Choquette2Are you struggling to set meaningful 2016 resolutions?
Does your mind tell you, you need to go to the gym, but your heart doesn’t feel motivated?
Are you feeling fueled by fear?
Are you struggling to feel good in your own skin?

If so, today is your show.

I’m excited to be sharing an interview with Sonia Choquette. Sonia is a dear friend. She has been my teacher for the last 15 years. Through those years, she has helped me bring alive my own intuitive skills and helped me create a healthy relationship between my mind and heart.

Sonia hasn’t just helped me though. Sonia has served thousands of people from all over the world. Sonia is an author with 19 international bestsellers. She is a spiritual teacher and transformational visionary guide. She helps shift people out psychological and spiritual difficulties into a healthier energy flow.

Today on the show we also have a real health story from a real guest, like you. Sudy grew up healthy. Her grandmother and mother had a healthy diet that wasn’t full of sugar. They had a huge garden. Growing up, Sudy was a diver and very active. After a divorce and the loss of her mother her health and her outlook on health dramatically changed. Her mother, always healthy passed away at the young age of 56 and Sudy thought well, why shouldn’t I eat whatever I want? It doesn’t matter anyways right?

Now, Sudy understands that her health is her greatest wealth. She wants an active life and to do that she will be joining me on Small Changes… Big Shifts for the next few months to create a wellness plan.

If you are in the midst of creating new healthy habits or if your heart is yearning for something and you don’t know just what that something is, then listen below.

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